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A unique historical event occurred in British Columbia near Cowichan Station, Vancouver Island on September 25th, 1935. It was the arrival of 41 British children, the first of seventeen groups, often referred to as ‘parties’ sent from the United Kingdom to the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School. By the time the Fairbridge Farm School closed its doors in 1951, a total of 329 children—97 girls and 232 boys—had started a new life in Canada.

Since the late 1940’s the association, in one form or another, has been actively working to bring together as many of the former Fairbridgians who attended the farm school, as well as their decedents and many friends who keep in touch and participate in as many events as possible, including reunions. Since 1983 Fairbridge reunions have been held biannually but starting in 2014 annual reunions are planned.

The Fairbridge Canada Association (FCA) also publishes the Fairbridge Gazette three or four times each calendar year. The first edition was printed in 1939. Also the FCA maintains this web site which includes a bulletin board, stories about Fairbridge and a photo gallery, among other things, that may be of interest to the general public.

The FCA members appreciate your interest in looking at our site and should you wish to contact us please drop us a note in our Contact portal. Also, if you have any additional information, publications, photographs or other artefacts, related to the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School our association would be most interested in seeing them and discuss ways to maintain the information so the story of the Fairbridge Farm School becomes more and more complete.

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The 1985 booklet, "Fairbridge Glimpses" has been reproduced. Click on the image for details