Memories. Fairbridge Farm School Songs and Poems

Fairbridge Farm School March


There’s A Plymmy Running Back


We Are Fairbridge Folk


Down On Misery Farm: Both Versions


Fairbrigde Poems from previous Gazettes


  1. Provincial Archives of BC, Add. MSS-2121, Box 1 File 1.
  2. This song is mentioned in the Fairbridge Gazette on April 1992 – page 8 – and in the July 1992 issue. The song was brought to Fairbridge Farm School by the games master Tony Branson – the original came from Australia (There’s a flivver running back down the old Pinjarra track…) and was changed to suit the Cowichan Bay Fairbridge Farm School
  3. Follow the Founder, printed in Margaret Humphreys, 1995, Empty Cradles, p. 134
  4. Down on Misery Farm Poems - Unknown

Stories of Fairbrigde

Fairbridge Children Swimming in the Koksilah River - ca late 1930s.

Thoughts of Fairbrigde

Will Garnett has posted his Thoughts on Fairbridge and hopes to get some feedback from Former Fairbridgians.

A Family Affair

Click here for a Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School Basketball Story: A Family Affair. The Fairbridge Junior Girls BC Basketball Champions, by Ron Smith.